In a filthy dirty flat in Johannesburg, a new drug has been invented, a drug so powerful that simply inhaling the fumes will get you addicted. As the addiction to this new Methamphetamine derivative spreads like wildfire, the real fires also starts as society falls apart, and it’s each man to himself to see who can get the last of the drug before it’s all gone.

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Agatha Crow spent ten years in The Hack for a crime she did not commit.
It is time for revenge, and they will pay, those that put her behind bars. Because in jail Agatha learned the secret of hypnosis, and the children of her victims will do what she tells them, no matter what she tells them. She has planned this revenge for ten years, but as her mind slowly slips loose from the bonds of reality, there are some drastic changes to her plans.

High in the mountains, at the house called Serenity, the calm will be shattered by the screams of the innocent.

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Somewhere in the Dream World, a madman has learned the secrets of dreaming, and he is killing people through their dreams.
When unexplained murders start occurring, detective Shelly Waterford seeks help from a man who might know something about dreams, a man with a dark past, a man who knows how to enter and control people’s dreams.
He teaches her everything he knows about the Dream World, and shows her what she needs to track down the killer.
But this killer is not beaten that easily. He has a lifetime of dream experience behind him, and his hatred of humanity has driven him over the edge.

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Dream School, the sequel to Dream World.
Conceived in the Dream World but born into the real world, Eve and Shawn have dreaming powers like nobody else, and when they decide to teach their friends the secrets of dreaming, it should lead to a lot of fun. As long as their mother does not find out…
But the fun stops when people start dying, and Shelly Waterford is dead scared it might be the old monster Argelon from her past that has come back. This time she has the safety of her children to consider, and just to complicate Shelley’s life, young Shawn has learned how to bring objects out of the dream world.

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Dream School is available for Kindle, and also in paperback from Amazon.


A story that could come true tomorrow

When Ishmael Jacobson creates a virus that stops the aging process in humans and animals alike, chaos could be the only result. Striving towards a dream of eternal life, everybody do what they can to get infected with the virus, even if it means breaking the law. It is up to detective Lindique to try to stop the spread of the virus, but is it too late?
Soon the world is filled with people, and every day more and more are born. The ground turns barren, too tired to keep on giving life to billions upon billions of humans who are trying to scrape another morsel of food out of the dust. When there is no more food to eat, there is always the neighbor…
In the end, there is only one person who can start the aging process in humans again, and it is the person who started the whole problem to begin with, coming full circle.

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This is the story of a man and a woman who have the most amazing experiences. It is told through two hundred and fifty poems, into which are woven magic and mystery, witches, wizards, dragons and many more.
Join John the smith as he follows and captures the heart of Jasmine, a dancer in a band of gypsies. But when an evil prince falls in love with Jasmine and pays a witch to put a curse on John, the two lovers go on the adventure of a lifetime to break the spell, and in the end it is their love that must overcome all kinds of obstacles, from a witch’s familiar to a great old dragon.

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